Posted by: philipmartin | September 29, 2009

Welcome to Patton’s Lucky Scout, a World War II memoir

Welcome! This blog (with photos and some additional stories) accompanies the book:

Patton’s Lucky Scout
The Adventures of a Forward Observer
for General Patton and the Third Army in Europe

by Frank Wayne Martin
with Nancy Martin
Crickhollow Books, October 2009
paperback, 308 pages, $18.95

This is a fascinating, often humorous memoir of World War II by a remarkable soldier, a scout working behind enemy lines for General George S. Patton’s famed Third Army on the move.

The stories are the memoirs of PFC Frank Wayne Martin, who served in the 328th regiment of the 26th Yankee Division in the Third Army during World War II.

The co-author, Nancy Martin, compiled the stories into a cohesive narrative, working closely with her father-in-law.

The book is due to arrive from the printer about October 15 and will be available from bookstores, online and around the corner.

More soon!


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