Posted by: philipmartin | July 2, 2010

Northeastern University Students Called Up for Active Duty

Wayne joined his reserve unit in 1942 while studying engineering at Northeastern University in Boston. In Spring 1943, the unit was called up for active duty. Not long after, many of those in this photo would find themselves fighting with the American units in Europe.

(From the collections of Frank Wayne Martin.)

Northeastern University students called up for active duty in World War II

Frank Wayne Martin is among this group in the photo; of the prominent guys in the foreground, he is the third up from the right-hand bottom, light jacket & light tie & big smile. His reserve unit is being called to report to Fort Devens, a Massachusetts base where New England units were trained for active duty in World War II.

The press clipping is likely from the Boston Globe or Boston Herald, April 1943.

Not surprisingly, all the guys are hamming it up for the photographer’s camera. Although they were soon to become part of the American fighting forces, many on the front lines in Europe with their lives in danger – and, in Wayne’s case, scouting for General George S. Patton’s forward command and often finding himself behind German lines – they all seemed to be taking the attitude recommended by General Patton, that “A good sense of humor is important to survival.”


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